Monday, May 26, 2008

A Pittance of Time

Pictured above is my father's younger brother, Paul Lublin who passed away recently. Paul served with Patton's Army in WWII earning the Bronze Star. Not pictured here, but also worth remembering are

  • Felix Rosen, Infantry, WWII, one of the liberators of the Dachau Concentration Camp (and my wife's father)
  • Colonel Aaron Ariff, B-24 Navigator out of Cerignola Italy, where he won the Silver Star and a Presidential Unit Citation (My Wife's Uncle)
  • Captain Harry Lublin who served in the Signal Corps during WWII (my Dad's youngest brother)
  • Isadore Krasno, who fought on D-Day and at the Battle of the Bulge (my Mom's Cousin, and the man who introduced my parents)
  • James Walsh, who fought with the Marines at the Chosin Reservoir in Korea (my partner's father, who served in WWII and Korea)
  • Sam Stein, my high school friend who died in Viet Nam, just days after arriving as a Marine Helicopter door guard.

    For them and all of the others who fought to provide us with the luxury of freedom, take a moment to listen to a Canadian Song a called "A Pittance of Time. " Apropos for today. Just click on the link to my ActiveRain Blog

4 comments: said...

An important lesson I learned about a year ago while I was sleeping on the floor of th airport in Grand Junction, Colorado is that a lot of the surviving veterans of wars passed show up in the middle of the night to greet soldiers coming home from their tour. We were stuck in a blizzard and couldn't leave the airport, but somehow the Legion and a lot of retired officers made sure someone was always waiting for a soldier to come home.

Jay Thompson said...

Nice tribute Bill. Thanks.

Todd Templeton said...

I know you are proud of your family members who served. I am very proud of mine.

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