Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Philadelphia Century 21 Company Gives away $21,000

In our current real estate market, the job of the Agent to create traffic through their listing inventory becomes more crucial. If a property is not viewed by potential buyers, then it obviously has a harder time getting sold, so the job of the agent or their company is to someohow make the the listing stand out of the crowd, much like a shiny penny does in a pile of duller ones.

With that thought in mind, my company, Century 21 Advantage Gold created the 21K Gold Advantage Program. This program is based on two concepts -

  1. No one buys a home that they don't see

  2. No one Sees a home their agent doesn't show them.

To provide an incentive for agents to show well priced listings, the program provides an opportunity for agents to attend an event where a $21,000 Check is awarded as a result fo their participation in a fun contest of skill.

On May 9th, at our first 21K breakfast, held at the Brookside Manor in Feasterville PA, Lorrie Scott of PFR Jenkintown, a Cooperating saleperson on one of our 21K properties was awarded the $21,000 award. Lorrie, who indicated that she will be searching for more 21K listings to show, said she would be using her award to pay for her daughter's college tuition.

For opportunities to search for 21K listings and learn more about the program click here.