Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Dinner with Bloggers

I am attending the NAR Mid-Year Meetings in Washington in my position as 2008 NAR Professional Standards Chariman . Most of the time here is spent working in meetings, preparing for meetings, discussing what went on in the meetings, but some of the time, after hours is spent networking and socializing with others in the real estate business.
Though I am a neophyte blogger, Matt Rathbun real estate trainer and fellow blogger at Agentgenius was kind enough to invite me to a dinner he set up for bloggers from Virginia, Florida, Colorado, and Pennsylvania (guess who that is). Matt is standing in the middle of the photo in a blue shirt. Also attending was Hilary Marsh from, the intranet for the National Association of REALTORS and some of the brightest people in the world of real estate social media.
It was a little odd meeting people face to face after twittering at them or seeing them on brightkite, but each and everyone of them is as clever in person as they are on-line. I hope we get do something lie this regularly, but if not, I'll console myself with my electronic lifelines! :-)
And now I have to go to those meetings I was talking about!


Jay McGillicuddy said...

We left a few minutes before that shot was taken. Bummer. :-(