Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Too Funny for Words

With today's elections in Pennsylvania and sucha hotly contested race, I thought that we might look for another important voting opportunity. Lani Anglin-Rosales had a great parody of a Mac Commercial on her site (which I will post later) and then I saw a link back to this post entitled a Vote for Aunt Jemima by the same creator. So Vote for Aunt Jemima or not, but get out today and Vote for someone!

Philadelphia Real Estate Firsts!

Did you know that the first mortgage in the U.S. was issued to Comly Rich to build a property at 4726 Orchard Street in Frankford (now a section of Northeast Philadelphia) which is pictured at left. The loan was issued by the first savings and loan in the United States, the Oxford Provident Building Society, founded 1831. Though the loan was never paid off (making this possibly the earliest foreclosure in the US), the property was entered in the Historical Register in 1960.

A Philadelphia Real Estate Genius!

OK, so I'm really more modest then that- I don't think I'm a genius - but Benn Rosales and Lanie Anglin_Rosales of Single Pointe Realty in Austin, and the Hosts of the Agentgenius blog have officially taken their stand on the question. After a long back and forth commenting on a local post, I was invited to post as a member of the agent genius family.

Their announcement makes me blush! But I was very pleased! :-)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Philadelphia Real Estate Rocks!

Normally the press is not friendly to the real estate industry, but in the sense of true contrariness, Philadelphia Magazine recently was surprisingly positive about our local real estate market in their annual real estate issue, publishing an article entitled "Everything You Know About Philadelphia Real Estate Is Wrong" . The article was surprisingly accurate (sorry guys, but Philadelphia Magazine sometimes seems to forget that there is more to the city then Center City, the Main Line, and the Jersey Shore) and to the point - the real estate market here is not suffering!

I wrote a longer piece on this for Agent Genius (where I contribute some thoughts), and rather then re-write the entire piece here, I thought you could just click here to read my post called Perception Vs Realty

Hope you enjoy the longer post - I look forward to your thoughts about the local market.

I Blog Philadelphia Real Estate

I have not posted anything here for a while, but if the truth be known, this was a test blogging platform. Sort of blogging with training wheels. I wasn't sure what the voice of a blog should be. Was I an expert in Philadelphia Real Estate? An Expert New Jersey Real Estate Broker? A CEO of the only Century 21 Company with offices in both Pennsylvania and new Jersey?

Should I talk about value? Or the Real Estate Bubble? Or Mortgage Fraud? Or How to Invest? Or Foreclosures and Short Sales? What was the point here?

Well its been a little while and I have found out one thing - I need to do this on a regular basis, and before I migrate this to a more sophisticated platform, that will be my first change -

Stay tuned to see what I actually do end up writing about! :-)