Friday, October 22, 2010

Phillies Phind a Way to Survive!

2009 WORLD SERIES Game 4 Seats Michael Gray is...Image by reeltor99 via FlickrIts not easy being a Phillies Phan. (No that's not a missspelling  - that's just how we roll in the city of brotherly love!)

After sweeping their series with the Cincinnati Reds , it phelt like the Phillies triumph in the championship series and another World Series appearance was a phoregone conclusion.   But when the Phillies split the home games and lost the phirst two games in San Phrancisco it seemed like we were once again doomed to be a city living with phailure.

Last night the Phillies managed to pull victory phrom the jaws of depheat and phound a way  to phoil the Giants and phorce game six. I'll be at Citizens Park to watch, and I hope that they can prevail and have a threepeat of the world series. And maybe, just maybe be the phinal victor. There's always hope - as Phillies Phans, that's just what we do!

Go Phillies!

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