Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kepping A Front-Loading Washing Machine Free of Mildew Smells

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The front-loading washing machine is a popular home appliance choice. As compared to its top-loading counterpart, a front-loader can handle larger clothing loads, is gentler on garments, and uses about 1/3 less water. In situations where stacking the washer and dryer is needed, the front loader is the winner.

However, because its design prevents water from fully draining, a front-loading washer can be a haven for mold and bacteria if not cared for properly. I have a front loader in my second home, and even though I leave the door open after use to dry it out, there sometimes persists and odor. It's the story the salesman doesn't often talk about and is the reason why products like Affresh exist. An all natural product is which can be ordered online or bought locally.

If you own a front-loading, here's some steps to keep in-washer mildew at bay and your clothes smelling fresh.

  1. Leave the door slightly open after every cycle. This allows water to evaporate.

  2. Use low-sudsing, high-efficiency detergent. If your local store doesn't carry it, try Amazon.

  3. Every week, pull back the rubber seal and wipe the inner ring with a cloth.

  4. Clean the drain pump filter monthly, at least.

  5. Run a bleach-and-hot-water cycle monthly, at least.

Front-loaders are good products, but require special care. Follow the steps above and your washer should remain mildew- and mold-free.
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