Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Better Housing News Flashes - From 1935

75 Years ago, in 1935 a suffering housing market was being returned to normal through a new housing stimulus package based upon the creation of the Federal Housing Administration and the use of mortgage products that allowed people to pay off the debt during the term of the loan.

From the Internet Archive's Prelinger Archives comes this reminder that housing always recovers first, and that even in times that seem to be challenging financially, recovery begins when people take advantage of new programs to get the benefits of home ownership.

I hope you enjoy this film as much as I did - whether its watching the construction process, the latest amenities in the house (like the built-in ironing board and cabinets in the kitchen) or the billboard at the end showing the price, down payment and monthly payments for a new detached single family home - and remember, 75 years from now people may be just as amazed at the values in our housing market!

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