Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Everytime there seems to be some relief we get hit with a new headline. What is tomorrows?


labelboy said...

Is there no end in sight Bill?!!

I made a few phone calls to a couple of my banks yesterday just to 'take the temperature'. Warm fuzzies at Citi (just bought Wachovia, and has a solid plan for recovery) and Well's Fargo, but some jitters at a few others.

The delays in the bailout bill have already cost us over $1 Trillion in losses! I'm generally not one for gov't intervention, but in this case it has to happen, and fast!

My personal biggest concern about this? It's causing Corp. America to continue to 'talk' green without action. Fewer are willing to 'walk the talk' because of market jitters and uncertainty about the future. Fewer are willing to bite the bullet and commit to even slightly more dollars for the right (green) packaging.