Thursday, July 3, 2008

Exclusive Marketing from CENTURY 21 Advantage Gold

In our current real estate market, the job of the Agent to create traffic through their listing inventory becomes more crucial. If a property is not viewed by potential buyers, then it obviously has a harder time getting sold, so the job of the agent or their company is to someohow make the the listing stand out of the crowd, much like a shiny penny does in a pile of duller ones.

With that thought in mind, our company, Century 21 Advantage Gold created a unique program called the 21K Gold Advantage Program. This program is based on two concepts -

  1. No one buys a home that they don't see

  2. No one Sees a home their agent doesn't show them.

In a market where there are many properties with bonuses from$500 to $5,000 we wanted a way to make well priced listings stand out, like the shiny penny in a pocketful of change. At the same time we were sensitive to the expenses incurred by the seller in this market

We decided that we would try this marketing program to see how the property marketing was impacted. What we found out, during the first 50 sales of properties in the program was that 21K properties sold faster then competiting properties.

After completing the first round of 21K properties and having our breakfast veent, where a selling agent was awarded a $21,000 check for participating, and reviewing the feedback from agents with other companies who do not have such an innovative program, we've decided to continue the program.

For information on whether your property might be elgiible to participate in the 21K program, and more details on the program go to and contact one of our agents.