Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Selling Smelly Houses is Hard!

Removing kitchen odors can be as simple as coring an apple and frying them

Neutralizing home odors is an important part of preparing a home for sale but it's not always so easy. Every home has a unique odor that's ground into carpets, walls, fabrics. Cooking at home plays a big role, too. And people being who we are, we become accustomed to those smells because we are exposed to them every day, but a potential buyer who walks into our home msy hsve s different tske on those odors!

Remember, just because a home is listed for sale doesn't mean that the kitchen is off-limits. You still need to live and using that kitchen may generate smells that are attractive to you , but to an outsider, not so much!

This 2-minute video from About.com offers a bunch of smell-related kitchen tips, including:

  • Removing "the fish smell"

  • Fighting the aroma from deep-fried foods

  • Getting stubborn smells from hands

When your home for sale, the last thing you want buyers paying attention to is your dinner from the night before. Watch the video, read the transcript, and cook fear-free in your own home -- listed for sale or just planning on company.