Monday, May 17, 2010

NAR makes history in a vote to amend the Code of Ethics to include sexual orientation - vid...

This video makes me really proud to be a REALTOR, but even prouder to have been part of the process that led to what is a historic moment for the National Association of REALTORS and our 97 year old Code of Ethics.

Last year, during my term as Chairman of the Interpretations and Procedures sub-committee of the Professional Standards Committee, this amendment to the Code prohibitinh discriination based on sexual orientation was suggested by state associations. The sub-committee discussed the matter, and began the process needed to move this forward.

The change to our Code is significant because it is the first time in the history of the code that REALTORS have set a standard against discrimination that is higher than the law in many places. And did it quickly, unanimously and with little discussion at the meeting. (Though I did love the woman who suggested that we should just say "REALTORS shouldn't discriminate")

The people in this video from left to right are Linda Paige, Steve Roscoe, Domenic Cardone, and Rodney Ganshoe. They are the Chairman of the Professional Standards Committee, the Chairman of the Interpretations and Procedures sub-committee, the Vice-Chairman of the Professional Standards Committee, and one of the best association staff people on the planet. Oh, and yes, I am the Bill Steve mentions in the video (and I was paying attention before he said "sex" )

Thanks to all of the members and staff who made this possible so that we can as an organization move forward in such a positive manner.

(NOTE: Though this was approved by the Committee and the Board of Directors, it also needs to be approved by the Delegate Body at the Annual Meetings In New Orleans in November 2010.)

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