Friday, April 2, 2010

Do Your Spring Cleaning Like Martha Stewart

Spring CleaningSpring is here and Philadelphia homeowners are starting their respective Spring Cleaning rituals.

In some households, Spring Cleaning is best tackled in a single weekend filled with rubber gloves, ratty clothes, and sweat. In other homes, it's a less serious undertaking. Either way, to clean a home from top-to-bottom, you need to have a plan.

If you've never used the Martha Stewart, 9-step Spring Cleaning Organizer, check it out. It covers the basics:

  • Cleaning shades and windows
  • Sorting through wardrobes for "old" clothes
  • Cleaning and rotating mattresses and cushions

For most of the cleaning, everyday household cleansers and a vacuum or rags will do the trick.

There are a few items on the list, however, that require heavy-duty appliances; ones you may not keep at-home. For example, cleaning carpets is best-handled with a steam cleaner. You can choose to rent cleaning equipment from a local hardware store, or considering hiring an Angie's List contractor to do the job. It'll be more expensive, but the job will be done properly.

Also on the list is a reminder to check batteries in smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and flashlights.


Bill Fulton - Orlando Real Estate said...

Bill, your post brought to mind so many spring days up in NJ when we opened the windows for the first time aftere a long cold winter!

I'm a real estate agent down here in Orlando. To what extent do you think the end of the tax credit will effect the recent uptick in the market. Down here in Orlando, March sales were up 5% over February and 40% over March 2009. Prices have ticked up 12% from January. Two thirds of the transactions were short sales and forclosures. The hidden positive I believe is the sudden influx of forgien buyers. I think investors may feel that we are now coming off the true bottom.