Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How To Make A Self-Watering Plant Container

Self-watering plant containers are the ultimate in laziness or convenience, depending on your perspective. You can buy them on Amazon.com for $26 a piece, or you can watch this 3-minute, step-by-step video from Video Jug and build one all on your own.

You'll only need a few basic supplies in addition to fresh soil and some tools:

  1. Hydroton (also known as LECA)
  2. A large pot
  3. An irrigation pipe and float from a garden center
  4. Porous membrane

The video is broken down with easy-to-follow instructions. You don't need handyman skills or a green thumb to finish the job. Your end-result will be well-functioning self-watering pots and plants that require less time and attention.


drip irrigation systems said...

this is nice, adding the video is a great thing you have done. the instructions are more clearly this way!

damack said...

Can't find a source for the irrigation pipe & float